Unifol is an insulating with a alginate base and emulsified oils with exceptional separating properties. Its characteristics allow the dental technician to avoid the use of more than one specific product, simplifying the working steps.

Used on both hot and cold moulds. Unifol creates a colourless film,with no thickness, which allows to create an effective barrier between plaster and resin without altering the colour, avoiding the absorption of monomer by the plaster.

The rapid insulating effect significantly reduces waiting times

To separate:

  plaster – resin


 Simplifies and reduces the deflasking work

  Reduces finishing and polishing time

  Leaves no residual film and does not create thickness

  Leaves surfaces neat and clean

code Description
101 Unifol – 450 ml bottle
103 Unifol – economic pack (3 bottle x 450 ml)



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