Abrasive strips


Flexible polyester strips with one single abrasive side coated with aluminum oxide particles for contouring and polishing of approximal surfaces in composite fillings. Each strip is made of two sections with abrasive layers of different grain size and a non-abrasive central part to facilitate insertion in the interproximal areas.


Available in three versions:

  • Gross reduction (blue, coarse grain 60 μm) / Countoring (green, medium grain 40 μm)
  • Countoring (green, medium grain 40 μm) / Finishing (yellow, fine grain 20 μm)
  • Finishing (yellow, fine grain 20 μm) / Polishing (white, superfine grain 5 μm)


  2 in 1! double grain size on each strip

  Easy insertion in interproximal areas

  Four different grain sizes

  High consumption resistance

code Description
3251       (blue/green) Abrasive strips – gross reduction (coarse grain 60 μm) / contouring (medium grain 40 μm) – 25 pcs.
3252       (green/yellow) Abrasive strips – contouring (medium grain 40 μm) / finishing (fine grain 20 μm) – 25 pcs.
3253       (yellow/white) Abrasive strips – finishing (fine grain 20 μm) / polishing (superfine grain 5 μm) – 25 pcs.


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