Isopraim is a silicone-based multipurpose separator with a high level of separation.
This product boasts 7 specific applications, granting top results to selective dental technicians.

Used on either hot or cold moulds,it has excellent spread and an excellent detachability between the parts. It dries quickly, without creating thickness or leaving residues.

To separate:

 plaster – plaster

 plaster – wax

 plaster – silicone

 wax – wax

 wax – metal

 silicone – silicone

 silicone – polyether


 Excellent spreadability

  It does not create thickness

  Quick dry

  It leaves no trace

  Excellent detachability of the parts

  Alcohol and solvents free

code Description
107 Isopraim Multipurpose Separator – 280 ml bottle



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