In 1972 Marcello Ridi begins the Company’s activity, producing the Unifol plaster-resin separator, which in a short time conquers the orthodontic sector, establishing in the first position on the Italian market, where today it can be considered the absolute leader, and later also in the main foreign markets.

In the 1980s Marcello Ridi designed and manufactured his own WESPOINT brand, with which he starts sellinga successful line of products for the Laboratory and Dental Studio, dedicating particular attention to conservative, prophylaxis and disposable products.

In 2010, following careful research and development activity, PERIDENT starts producing and selling the Isopraim Laboratory separator, a product with innovative features that boasts seven specific applications, granting top results to selective dental technicians.

In the the early 1990s, his daughter Laura joineded his father, and today she follows the Company’s activity with enthusiasm, estreme attention to the Customer, dedication and professionality, supported by a team of motivated and competent collaborators and professionist.


PERIDENT comes from the Greek word “peri” (around) which in the Italian language composes words such as periphery, perimeter, etc.


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PERIDENT DENTAL PRODUCTS sells its product lines through the main Deposits, Catalogs and Purchasing Groups of the Dental Sector on National and International level, operating in compliance with the ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the main target of the Quality policy.
Innovation, quality, research and constant improvement in the distribution service are the main priorities that we have always pursued.

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