Splinting ribbon



Excellent long-term solution, reliable, fast and cheap metal-free dentistry

Ribbons made of high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, long, continuous, white with excellent mechanical properties that make them are perfect to fit the  ideal for both dentist and dental technician. Easy to handle and flexible, they adapt perfectly to tooth surfaces. Thanks to the “no shape memory” the tapes are perfect to fit the interproximal spaces.

Can be used with fluid resinous composites and dentinal adhesives. Compatible with acrylic resins.
Available in different heights. Thickness: about 0.3 mm.

The particular intertwining of the fibers allows a clean cut and makes an effective reinforcement to prevent the propagation of micro-cracks of the resin composites and/or acrylic resins.

The weaving of the ribbon allows a perfect integration between the coating materials, resulting practically invisible when coated with composite and acrylic resin.






  Aesthetic and durable

  Resistant and resilient

  Metal free

  Low fluid absorption


  Dimensionally stable

  For dentist and dental technician

Ribbon height Ideal use
ø 1 mm (tubular) Mobile prostheses fixing/reparing
   1 mm Orthodontic retention and intercoronal splinting in restricted spaces
   2 mm Orthodontic retention and intercoronal splinting in restricted spaces
   3 mm Parondontal splinting and bridging of bridges where the natural tooth element is used as a pontic
   4 mm Temporary splints and bridges
 25 mm Fixed and mobile prostheses, repairs, reconstructions, bridges reinforcement
Code Description
 InFibra ribbon
IF 1 T Tubular polyethylene fiber ribbon, ø 1 mm, lenght 50 cm
IF 1 Polyethylene fiber ribbon, height 1 mm, lenght 50 cm
IF 2 Polyethylene fiber ribbon, height 2 mm, lenght 50 cm
IF 3 Polyethylene fiber ribbon, height 3 mm, lenght 50 cm
IF 4 Polyethylene fiber ribbon, height 4 mm, lenght 50 cm
IF 25 Polyethylene fiber ribbon, height 25 mm, lenght 50 cm