Steel and Transparent Sectional Matrices


Stainless steel sectional contoured matrices, perfect for creating precise and anatomically correct contact points in the posterior sectors.
Available in three heights: Small, Medium and Large; normal or with extension for extended cervical preparations. Applicable on mesial and distal surfaces. Thickness 0.035 mm.

Standard Ring

in autoclavable stainless steel.
Can be used with cylindrical silicone tubes (Small and Large) and triangular blue and green silicone tubes.

Delta Ring

in autoclavable stainless steel, with stop-wedge tines. Ideal use with triangular silicone tubes.


  Optimal contact points

  Anatomically preformed matrices, available in three heights

  Autoclavable rings: Standard and Delta

 Delta Rings with stop-wedge tines

SECTIONAL MATRICES in stainless steel

Sectional contoured matrices made of hard stainless steel (for easy insertion) and soft (for a better adaptation to the tooth). Available in three sizes Small, Medium and Large; normal or with extension for extended cervical preparations. Thickness 0.035 mm.

Package   50 pcs.
Sectional matrices
Thickness 0,035 mm
Small Medium Large Small
with extension
with extension
with extension
hard stainless steel  code 3501 3502 3503 3507 3508 3509
soft stainless steel    code 3504 3505 3506 3510 3511 3512


Transparent sectional matrices, ideal in posterior restorations made with light-curing composites. Available in two heights easily identifiable thanks to the lateral colored strip (green 5 mm and blue 7 mm).


  Ideal in restorations with light-curing composites

  Available in two heights: 5 mm and 7 mm

  Practical identification thanks to the color-coded strip


Code Description
3500 WESTPOINT SMS KIT: 1 Standard Ring + 1 Delta Ring + 100 matrices -hard stainless steel, thickness 0.035 mm (20 sectional matrices Small; 30 Medium; 20 Large; 10 Small with extension, 10 Medium with extension; 10 Large with extension)
3501 – 3512 Stainless steel sectional matrices, thickness 0.035 mm (for codes and specifications see table above) – 50 pcs.
3513 Transparent sectional matrices, height 5 mm (green strip) – 30 pcs.
3514 Transparent sectional matrices, height 7 mm (blue strip) – 30 pcs.
3530 Standard ring for sectional matrices – 1 pc.
3540 Delta ring with stop-wedges tines for sectional matrices – 1 pc.




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