Ultra-light Visors, with a secure and comfortable fit, grant an excellent visibility. Also easy to store, thanks to the possibility of folding the temples leaving the shield on.

The autoclavable frames, metal hinges free, can be used with long shields for the for a face protection, and short shields for eyes protection, the latter ideal to be used combined with surgical masks.

The shields, thanks to their shaped shape allow an excellent ventilation, they are anti-fog and scratch resistant.



  Ultra-light visor

  Easy to use: the temples of the frame can also be folded with the shield on

  Autoclavable frame

  Shaped, scratch-resistant shields

  Protective film easy to remove thanks to the practical “easy- peel” tabs

Code Description
18000 Aquamarine frame + 12 long shields
18001 Blue frame + 12 long shields
18002 Black frame + 12 long shields
18003 1 Pink frame + 12 long shields
18004 Purple frame + 12 long shields
18005 1 White frame + 12 long shields
Safety goggles
18100 Aquamarine frame + 12 short shields
18101 Blue frame + 12 short shields
18102 Black frame + 12 short shields
18103 1 Pink frame + 12 short shields
18104 Purple frame + 12 short shields
18105 1 White frame + 12 short shields
Replacement Shields
18010 Long shields  – 12 pcs.
18110 Short shields  – 12 pcs.


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